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A Thrilling Revolutionary War Novel

A true story of a young sailor during the American Revolution for readers of all ages

The Revolutionary War is raging, and 12-year-old Christopher Hawkins runs away to follow his dream of being a sailor and a patriot. During his first sea adventure, the British capture his ship. Quick-witted Christopher escapes at his first opportunity.

At 17, Christopher joins another American privateer ship but five days later is captured again by the British. This time, he is delivered to the notorious British ship HMS Jersey, the war's deadliest prison. Armed with only courage, cunning, and a sense of humor, Christopher Hawkins will face death unless he can escape from his British captors twice more.

Editorial Reviews

Christopher Hawkins and His Daring Escapes is a story of grit, determination, courage, and the indomitable will to survive.”

Readers' Favorite - 5 star Review

Reader's favorite award

“This novelization is at turns harrowing and funny as its cycles of capture-and-escape gets twistier and ever-more surprising.”

Publishers Weekly, BookLife Editor's Pick

“The narrative is written in first person, paying homage to the original memoir it was inspired by; this diary-like format allows readers to truly experience the story as if it were happening to them.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Strong and determined characters are the strength of this novel, and readers will root for their success.”

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American Book Fest 20th Annual Best Book Award

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